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Memorial Day CAMP

 Open Gym 11am-1pm

Open Gym 11am-1pm

 Athletes will learn how to run up walls, vault over obstacles, swing through the bars, and flip over friends.  Daily activities to include a mix of parkour, trampoline skills, Ninja warrior inspired obstacles (warped wall, quintuple step), rope climb, cargo net, and tumbling skills. Bring a lunch.  Half and Full Day option. Ages 5 and up.

MAY 28th  at 9am-3:00pm

Half Day: 9:00am-12:00pm

Full Day: 9:00am-3:00pm



SUmmer CAMP 2018

June 25th-June 29th (FULL)

July 9th - July 13th

July 23rd - July 27th

August 6th - August 10rd

August 13th - August 17th

AUGUST 20th - August 24th


VAULT will be Closed Wednesday, JUly 4th 2018



All students will begin in this class and learn the fundamentals of parkour on the floor, vaults, wall, and bars. Students will focus on improving strength, balance, quadrupedal movement, and learning safe falling techniques. 


This class builds upon the Safety Class to add in jumps at different elevations, intermediate tumbling, bars, and connecting vaults and movement in succession. Specific movements include kongs, cats, kong precision, wall up speed, palm spins, 2 foot lache, front and back handsprings. 

03: KONG

This class focuses on more advanced vaults, tumbling, and bar movements, bar and rail precisions. Specific movements include front and back flips, wall spin, double kong, side flips, websters, and 3 foot laches.


The top level class for advanced students. We will be focusing on advanced vaults, flips, bar sequences and wall work. Exercises may include wall spin, reverse speed out, layouts, fulls, front aerials and A-Twists.




Climb across the obstacle course complete with warped walls like in America Ninja Warrior, jump on the trampolines and spring floor, or learn some new flips and tricks. Parties are 2 hours in which our instructors will take the kids through a brief warmup and games, followed by about 40 min of Parkour instruction and obstacle courses and then an hour of supervised open gym.



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This is a great studio and a wonderful sport to get a ton of energy out of your kids. They have classes for kids with varying age groups. Kids come home exhausted with huge smiles on their faces and the coaches have such an excellent rapport with them. Coaches are well-trained and super safe. The owner has them tested regularly to mark progress but it feels very non-competitive. First class is a trial to see if it's a good fit.

-Kelly B.

This place is fantastic for kids who are into lots of body movement, skater like moves, gymnastics and moving! It gives the kids all those opportunities but in a totally safe, controlled environment. The classes I've been to are small (I take my 4 and 11 year old), age appropriate and fantastic for those kids who are generally shy (or very very shy like my 11 year old). Havent had a chance to do Kids night out yet, but i'm looking forward to it! And the owner couldnt be sweeter or more helpful.

-Sara F.


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