VAULT PK is a member of USA Parkour, and our coaches are nationally certified through the World Federation of Parkour and Free-running (WFPF). They are all experienced parkour athletes and coaches.



Owner / Founder / Coach

VAULT PK is a family owned and operated business.  With the help of her dad and brother, what started as a dream for Jessica, has now turned into a reality.  Together they imagined, built and started VAULT PK.  Jessica loves working with children and watching them as they grow in confidence, skill level, and athleticism.  As a mother of four children of her own, she understands the struggles of parenthood, and knows she still has a lot to learn.  Her favorite moments in this new venture are seeing the joy and excitement on the students faces as they challenge themselves to reach new heights and skill levels.

Hometown: Kailua, Hawaii

Certifications: Bachelors of Science in Exercise and Sport Science, Level 1 & 2 World Federation of Parkour and Free-running, NASM-certified personal trainer, STOTT Pilates mat and reformer, Adapt training, BOSU, TRX, Zumba, and CPR and First Aid certified

Work Experience:  15+ years as a gymnastics coach in Hawaii, San Francisco, and LA area. 15 years as a personal trainer, 12 years as pilates instructor, six years Managing a multi sport kids program in San Francisco, 10+ years as a mom (four kids: 10, 8, 5, 2yrs).

Sport Experience: 14 years as a competitive gymnast.  Also competed in cheerleading (8 yrs), basketball, powerlifting, tae Kwon Do, marathons and half marathons.  Enjoys surfing, scuba diving, running and dance.

Spare time: Going to the beach, Disneyland, watching my kids sports, reading, goofing off with my children, and napping

Inspiration:  Parents- They had five kids and worked full time and still managed to raise a tight knit family.  My Kids- I learn so much from them everyday, including patience.  Everyone around me- I feel everyone leads an interesting life with unique insight to share.  I love learning about it. 


Coach Eurico Senna is from Long Beach, CA and has been practicing the art of movement for over 10 years, beginning with capoeira, then eventually tricking, parkour, and freerunning. Coach Eurico aims to help children 3+ to adult achieve body coordination, balance, and strength through modern and urban styles of movement. Coach Eurico has worked privately and in group lessons with kids and adults of diverse backgrounds and abilities.

Before joining Vault PK in 2015, Coach Eurico coached gymnastics and capoeira for about 2 years in Long Beach, CA. Coach Eurico has also used his movement skills on stage and on film, namely on tour with Marvel Universe LIVE as Wolverine and Spiderman throughout the US and Europe. Coach Eurico now dedicates his time working as the manager at Vault PK and also building the Los Angeles urban movement communities.

Besides Coach Eurico’s amazing job, he also enjoys yoga, filmmaking, and travelling. his favorite tricks are the helicoptero and boxcutter.


Fernando Arce

Coach Fernando is originally from Phoenix, Arizona and has been practicing Parkour for over 10 years and previously Taekwondo for 20 years as well as Track & Field for over 12 years. Coach Fernando aims to help all practitioners, more specifically towards medium and advanced level students to correct bad habits and take their skills to harder surfaces.

While joining Vault PK in December of 2017, Coach Fernando has been coaching at Camp Woodward in Pennsylvania every summer since 2013. Coach Fernando has also participated in over 15 parkour competitions around the world, including Greece and Sweden. He now instructs all levels and is available for private lessons.

Besides working at Vault PK, Coach Fernando also enjoys traveling for parkour events, editing videos, and watching comedy shows. Some of his favorite tricks are the pop snapuswipe and the vortex front flip.



Coach Ruben is from Calexico, California and has over 7 years of practice in gymnastics and parkour. Coach Ruben aims to help all levels to gain body awareness, mobility, and flexibility in order to optimize athletic ability.

Before joining Vault PK in July, Coach Ruben has coached gymnastics in San Diego as well as Camp Woodward West. Coach Ruben’s ability has allowed him to perform in the UK, east coast as well as compete on American Ninja Warrior and continues to excel his athletic ability by training weekly.

Besides working at VaultPK, Coach Ruben enjoys days out in nature, photography and stand up comedy. Rubens favorite trick is side flips.


Coach Dan is from Long Beach, CA and has been practicing parkour, freerunning, and tricking for over 8 years.  Coach Dan aims to help all levels of individuals and students 3+ refine their fundamentals and safety technique; at the same time, encourage positivity, confidence, and enjoyment in the art of movement.

Before joining VaultPK in 2016, Coach Dan has coached tricking and gymnastics to individuals of all levels at the CSULB Gymnastics Club and CSULB Martial Arts Tricking Club for 2 years.  Coach Dan now dedicates his time teaching students of VaultPK and introducing the world of parkour and freerunning to those who participate in VaultPK birthday parties.

Besides teaching at VaultPK, Coach Dan enjoys sleeping, playing with his cats, and training at the park.  Coach Dan’s favorite trick is the gravity drop.


Coach Sebastien is from LA and has been practicing Freerunning, Trampoline, and Tricking for 6 years. Coach Sebastien aims to help driven students develop an understanding and love of movement through progression and passion.

VaultPK is Coach Sebastien’s first job. He began coaching Classes and Private Lessons at Vault PK January of 2017, and has loved seeing the progress of our long term students! He is also a recently signed Professional Tricker for Team Torque.

Besides working at Vault PK, Coach Sebastien enjoys traveling, going to Movement-related events, and experiencing Los Angeles. Coach Sebastien’s favorite trick is the Cork.



Coach Matt is from Torrance, California and has been practicing parkour and freerunning for 2 years. Coach Matt aims to help students 3+ to adult achieve body control, such as balance, coordination, and awareness. As well as helping to link the body and mind to achieve great feats of acrobatics.

Vault PK is Coach Matt’s first job, he started taking classes at Vault for parkour and started working in 2017. Coach Matt now Teaches classes and parties to local youth age 3-16. He is also a youth leader at his church, Journey South Bay.

Besides working at VaultPK, Coach Matt also enjoys streaming on twitch, playing drums, and skateboarding. Coach Matt’s favorite trick is a Kong gainer!

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