This class will follow the same structure and skill progressions as Level 1:Safety and Level 2:Speed classes. Students will learn the basics of parkour and freerunning on the walls and vaults, as well as skills in tumbling, trampoline, and bar work. The last 5-10 minutes of class is free play to encourage self awareness and movement patterns on the obstacles. Classes meet during school hours. We are approved as vendors for some charter schools. Contact Vault PK staff for special homeschool/group pricing.




Train like your favorite super hero or ninja warrior! Learn how to run super fast, leap tall buildings, climb walls, vault over obstacles like your favorite ninjas! Safety is a top priority, so we will learn how to stay safe while preforming super hero activities.


Martial Arts tricking is a high energy sport consisting of different flips, twists, and tricks off of one leg. It draws upon elemnts of capoeira, taekwondo, karate, wushu, gymnastics, breakdancing and more. In it's essence tricking is self-expression through macrobatics and martial arts.


For those looking for a more individually tailored session, VaultPK offers private sessions. Pricing is available at the link to the right. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. To schedule an appointment, click the link to the right and then select the PRIVATE SESSIONS tab at the top after logging in.


Calling all Kids! Ditch your parents and come run, jump, and play on our warped walls, trampolines, bars, and obstacle courses. Practice your parkour, free running, and ninja warrior skills. Kids Night Out includes yummy pizza and supervision by our certified parkour coaches. There is no instruction offered during this open gym time, we reserve that for class time. All participants must have a waiver signed by parent or guardian.


Practice your parkour and free-running skills on your own terms. Gym is open for dedicated work on learning new skills in a padded environment, or on the trampoline or spring floor. Bring your friends and have a great time training!