Celebrate your birthday with a Parkour Party! Come play in our giant gym of padded goodness for two hours! Climb across the obstacle course complete with warped walls like in America Ninja Warrior, or jump on the trampolines and spring floor, or learn some new flips and tricks. Our instructors will take the kids through a brief warmup and games, followed by about 40 min of Parkour instruction on the obstacle courses and trampolines (this includes the basics of parkour and safety techniques). The remainder of the time is dedicated to free play on the equipment or run a speed course. Finally we top off the party with your cake and/or food. You get two hours of gym rental. Party packages available for up to 30 kids. Any decorations, cake, or food is supplied by the birthday family. To book a birthday party please contact the Vault PK Staff at 310-977-4478 or email us at

EVENTSChelsey Hale